Choosing an Art Management College

The art world is a vibrant and exciting place, full of challenges and satisfying rewards. But being an artist is not for everyone – don’t let this keep you away! There are plenty of areas within the world of art for people who are not themselves artists. Art management is a burgeoning sector, and offers versatility in career options. There are many Art Management Colleges, both in the US and abroad, and indeed many non-specialised universities offers some form of Art courses.A degree in Art Management will open doors in numerous directions in the art world; whether your passion is theatre, painting or dance you can emerge from an Art Management degree with the ability to work in any art field. Why? Because these degrees provide the necessary tools to be successful in your chosen field. These days Art colleges are widening their scope of education even further to include such fields as Art writing or Art and Law as well as the more traditional administration and management sides. This enables careers paths like journalism and law to also emerge from an Art Management College.Art Management programs are offered both as undergraduate degrees, and as Masters Degrees and post-graduate diplomas. They will typically cover such areas as business management, administration and HR as well as covering these disciplines in the private, public and commercial spheres. Depending on how you want to tailor your degree, then majors such as Art Education, Art Law, Curatorship etc. are available at most Art colleges.The first step to finding the right college for you is to think about your passion for Art, and where you want it to take you. If you are unsure of exactly what you want to become after graduating but know that Art Management of some kind or other is the way you want to go don’t despair! Plenty of people find their passion after sampling a bit of what many paths have to offer.Starting your search for an Art Management College is the next step. Deciding whether you want to study close to home, interstate or even abroad will enable you to refine your search. Prestigious schools of Art and Art Management are found in the US, UK and Australia, and if language isn’t a problem, then Paris, Milan and Berlin are hubs of the Art world.Choosing the right school is important, so make a list of schools in the geographical area you would like to study in, and then the best thing to do is jump on the net, phone or better still head on down to the campus if you are able and meet with someone who can give you an idea if their college will suit your needs.Attending an Art Management College will be one of the most rewarding of educational experiences, and will open up a broad horizon of career options, whether you are an artist or not, there is a place for you in the art world. Remember, behind every great Artist was a great Art Manager!

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