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Digital Photography For Everybody

To take breathtaking photographs is part inspiration and part technical knowledge, but above all, there is a special element. This special element is part of any human task. We call it Common Sense, and as it is repeated by everyone who ever listen to that phrase, it is the less common of them all.For instance, there is no secret about how to take a photograph on day light. You would never place your model with the sun light behind. You will get just a bad silhouette and a lot of flash if you are lucky. Also, if you take a portrait at mid day light, the shadows will increase the model’s shadows downwards and that would end up in very ugly results. Beauty is a mixture of perceptions after all and we are not used to watch people with that type of shadows, may be.Always speaking about common sense in regards of the photography techniques, you should always have some sort of steady position at the time of shooting your camera. Today, we have many offers about cameras that would reduce the risk of a moved photograph, but then again, this is not for professionals but with people with pulse problems, trembling, nervousness or so in the best cases. Those cameras work with a gravity center and they are not the cheapest cameras on the market.When taking photographs at night, the obvious approach is to have as much artificial light as possible and to find a good angle and a light reflexion surface would be very helpful. Taking good photographs is mostly a matter of how good light we have, among other minor considerations.Now, comparing Digital photographs with old school film photographs, sometimes the results are very similar but as the digital photograph can be enhanced through editing, there is no rival for digital photography. It doesn’t matter if the old school photographers would swear on their most relished memories that film based photographs are the best ones, the evidence is obvious. Then again, the experience at the time of taking those photographs is what matters. The individual inspiration and imagination at the time of taking those photographs is the real value of a work of art. The material or instrument used to take those pictures is placed in a second plane for a moment and the sensitivity takes its hard earned position.Everybody can take a photograph. You just need to grab a camera and click on a trigger happy button and that’s it. A new photograph is created. However, the quality and point of that photograph is where the difference resides. As mentioned above, the artistry of taking a photograph goes into the right hemisphere of the brain.For instance, we may compare the art of painting. We don’t find geniuses at painting like in the Leonardo DaVinci’s times. There is not a lot of Michelangelos and Rembrands around. The same technology as amazing as it is, cuts the wings of many born artists that find no challenge where everything has been done and published. Like those writers frustrated because of the infinite amount of thoughts put together and looking for a non-existent perfection.Even with the photographs, we shouldn’t look for perfection, which is a concept created by ignorant people. There is not such a thing. Life is imperfect and we all are imperfect and that’s what beauty is. That is why we can say without a doubt, that everybody is able to take breathtaking pictures. All you need is any camera with the minimum requirements, a steady hand or a tripod if you have a problem with that, and a lot of imagination. The technical part and the experience can be replaced with our old friend, the common sense.