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How To Effectively Clean Your Favorite Pair Of Leather Tennis Shoes

If you love playing the game of tennis then you probably have a good portion of your closet that is dedicated to specialized tennis clothing and accessories. If you have a pair of leather tennis shoes then it is important to know how to clean them properly, especially if they are white. Doing this the wrong way can lead to damage and discoloration.1. Remember don’t ever put leather shoes in the washer along with other clothes as they will become damaged.2. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe your shoes. Try using a soft cloth, as harder cloths may lead to your leather tennis shoes being damaged. You should slowly work your way through the dirt to identify the problem areas that really need a scrub.3. There are many cleaning products on the market but many of them are too harsh for leather. In this case you can simply use warm water and some dishwashing liquid.4. Try and get hold of a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Again, harder bristles will be too harsh and can end up damaging your leather tennis shoes. Use the brush to gently work through the dirt. Do so at a constant pressure and in a circular motion.5. Get hold of your damp cloth and wipe the shoes down. Once the soap has gone you will be able to see any spots that you have missed. For the ones that you have missed, just try using the toothbrush again and wipe down afterwards.6. If you are happy with how clean your leather tennis shoes are now all you have to do is set them outside. Try not to leave them in the baking sun as this can lead to discoloration and bleaching. Bring them in as soon as they have dried to prevent this.

Children’s Consignment Events – Clean Out and Cash in For Families

As children grow, parents are always cleaning out the clutter that bombards our homes. Outgrown clothes and shoes to unused toys can easily take over an average American home. What should a family do with all of the extra items they have that are almost good as new? A children’s consignment sale could be the answer.Seasonal children’s consignment sales, help families sell their “gently used” children’s items and allow families to recoup some of the small fortune it takes to raise a child. Here’s how it works. Gather up all of the items that junior no longer needs. It is often best to do this when they are not home so you do not have to fight them to get rid of their old house shoes that are two sizes too small. Sign up as a consignor at your local consignment sale. You are responsible for tagging your own items, that means you get to set the price. Prepare your items by putting them on a hanger and attaching the tag. Once your items are ready for the sale, you just drop it off and wait for the money to start rolling in.Most seasonal consignment sales give 65% of the selling price to the consignor and use the rest of the money to run the sale. There are other benefits to being a consignor as well. Most sales allow consignors and volunteers to shop at an exclusive presale. The presales are held before the sale opens to the public. That means you get the best of the best so you can refill junior’s closet with clothes for the upcoming season. Typically there are also “first time moms” presales for expectant parents. This helps new families get everything they need for the new baby at a fraction of the retail cost.Once the sale is over, consignors can choose to pick up their unsold items or they can donate them to a local charity. Children’s consignments sales are a win-win for consignors and for shoppers. All you have to do is enjoy your uncluttered closets until junior fills them back up.